Mystic Connecticut wedding. Annandale Photography Mystic Connecticut wedding. Annandale Photography

Not all booths are created equal. Our photobooths are our secret sauce, developed as a result of 8 years in the photobooth event business. We love photobooths, and we respect their long history. Because of this, we spent the better part of the past few years designing a booth that was beautiful to behold, unparalleled in its craftsmanship, and true to the iconic look of vintage booths.

Double-strip Photo booth

We have employed modern materials, and our own custom software and hardware internals to deliver the best possible photobooth experience. Many companies purchase booths that were designed to sit in shopping malls or arcades and repurpose them for rentals. Others build their own booths in their garages. Your event is only happening once — why leave anything to chance?

We understand the dilemma — you paid for the booth — you want to keep all the photos and put them in an album. Your guests love their photos so much, they want to take them home. Our booths solve this problem by always printing out 2 copies of your strip. No extra charges — it’s included.