So, Why a Photo Booth?

Posted 9/25/14 in: New Hampshire / Northern MA / Southern ME


Meet Ruby, Photobooth Bus Loved by Brides all over New England is now coming to NH
Meet Ruby, a vintage Photobooth Bus Loved by Brides all over New England is now coming to NH

Why a photo booth?

As an owner of a photo booth rental business, sometimes I get the question: “So why a photo booth.” I have come to understand what people are really asking when they say this. When photo booths first came on the scene it was a novelty to be able to take and print photos of yourself. Yet, in today’s world, people ask “why a photobooth” because, cameras, camera phones, and digital imaging is all around us. Most people carry hundreds or thousands of pictures of themselves around every day. Yet, most of these photos aren’t truly candid and even less if any are every printed.

This is where a photobooth again becomes a novelty. A photo booth captures candid pictures that preserve a real moment in time and instantly prints that memory out to literally, not just digitally, hold and enjoy for a lifetime.  In a world where pictures take time to rework and even more time to print, there is nothing so rewarding as going to a wedding in NH, Maine or Massachusetts and giving a bride and groom an album of the real pictures of the real people that came to celebrate them at the very moment the celebration comes to a close. It’s instant gratification, but it also gets to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  So, why a photobooth, it’s real pictures, of real people making real memories that you can really touch and enjoy for a lifetime.  Who wouldn’t love that?