Holiday Party? Perfect Place for a Photo Booth

Posted 10/31/14 in: New Jersey New York

Photobooth rentals are hugely popular for weddings, but why not have it at your next holiday party?  Here are three reasons why a photobooth rental would be a fantastic addition to your next corporate holiday party:

1) Your company is growing: time to celebrate!  Holiday parties are usually pretty festive atmosphere – maybe too festive at times!  Either way, holiday parties are to celebrate the progress your company has made over the year.  A photobooth rental at your holiday party is a great opportunity to celebrate your awesome employees and their hard work in making your company great!  Giving your employees a physical photo strip from the photobooth is a small, tangible way of showing your appreciation for their commitment to the company.

2) Great alternative to dancing.  We love busting a move on the dance floor, especially when there’s a great DJ or band.  But for some holiday parties, it might not be the best place to showcase your most up-to-date dance moves.  Last year at a holiday party in New Brunswick, New Jersey (NJ), we were hired by a highly professional pharmaceutical company for their holiday party.  Our photobooth rental offered a bit of privacy (close the curtain and smile for the camera), and an opportunity to maintain a certain element of professionalism while having a bit of fun.  You can also practice a few of your dance moves inside the photo booth, in case you’re a bit shy and want to test a few things out behind a closed curtain.

3) Creating company culture.  A previous corporate client from a legal firm in New York City (NYC) mentioned that the photobooth rental at their holiday party actually drew their co-workers together.  Photo strips from our photobooth rental end up plastered all over employee work spaces, computers, offices, etc…It’s amazing when you’ve been working hard with your co-workers, how easily you forget to enjoy and appreciate your time with them.  Hiring a photobooth for your holiday party gives your employees and co-workers the opportunity  to capture these professional relationships.  It’s easy to forget that you’re on the same team, you’re working for the same goal.  Taking photos together at a holiday party is reminder that you’re co-workers and employees are on the same team, and aiming for the same goals: to make your company great!

Co-workers enjoying themselves at a holiday party in our photo booth!
Co-workers at a legal firm in NYC remembering how to have fun at a holiday party in our photo booth