Photo Booth Rental NYC – Three Things to Consider

Posted 12/09/14 in: New Jersey New York

Considering a Photo Booth Rental NYC?  Here are a few tips to consider as you move forward with a Photo Booth Rental NYC:

Guests crashing our photo booth at a recent event
Guests crashing our photo booth at a recent corporate holiday party

1) Booth Type – there are typically three types of photo booths out there – 1) open air booths with a camera and a backdrop 2) enclosed stand-in booths made with pipes and curtains 3) vintage photo booth with two-seater.  It’s helpful to decide in advance what type of booth you would like at your event based on the space available at the venue, etc…Naturally, we’re biased towards the vintage photo booth as it retains the original experience of the classic photo booth.

2) Print Quality – ask for sample photo strips and compare across the board.  This is always helpful to do before you make your decision with which photo booth company you want to hire.  It is

3) Price – fitting everything into your wedding budget is always a challenge.  A few tips: Photo booths not only provide your guests with great entertainment, but the photo strips also serve as a party favor.  You can remove party favors from the budget and just go with a great photo booth company!  In addition, several clients in the past had either friends, the wedding party, or family members chip in and pay for the photo booth services as a lovely gift to the bride and groom.  At the end of the evening, a scrapbook is compiled of all of the guests and given to the bride and groom.  Just a wonderful, tangible keepsake filled with memories from their special event.

Just three tips that may help as you consider a Photo Booth Rental NYC.