Photo Booth Rental NYC – Vintage Photo Booth versus Modern

Posted 1/05/15 in: New Jersey New York
Guests at Old Tappan Mansion, Old Tappan, New Jersey Photo Booth
Guests at Old Tappan Mansion, Old Tappan, New Jersey Photo Booth

Interested in a photo booth rental NYC?  At a recent New Year’s Eve wedding celebration at the Old Tappan Mansion in Old Tappan, New Jersey (NJ), a lovely couple approached me while waiting for their photo strips to print from the photo booth, and asked me about the difference between a vintage photo booth versus a more modern photo booth.  This couple had attended a recent wedding in NYC with a modern photo booth that had multiple LCD screens and a clear countdown for when the photo would be taken.  When I asked them about their experience in our classic, vintage photo booth, the main difference they pointed out was the countdown.  Since our traditional photo booth, designed with the old-fashion photo booth in mind, clearly did not have additional LCD screens and a countdown, I thought I would put up a blog post about it.

Spontaneous shots versus posed shots: part of the charm of the vintage photo booth is the surprise and spontaneous photos taken once the machine is started.  When the curtain closes and the button is pressed, the machine takes timed photos.  Trying to predict the timing is a large part of the charm and excitement of the original, vintage photo booth.  While the countdown is helpful for posed photos, we think it adds to the fun to have the spontaneity of the original photo booth experience.  It’s certainly different than some of the modern photo booths available in NYC and NJ that have social media capability and editing options, but we really appreciate the experience and charm of the spontaneous photos.  We’ve upgraded the internal components of our photo booth with some of the best modern equipment, but the actual experience of the vintage photo booth is what we seek to duplicate.

As we chatted about the benefits of the vintage photo booth experience, their photo strip dropped down the chute and they loved it!  They ended up going into and out of the photo booth several more times throughout the evening, remarking on the quality of the photos and the fun of anticipating when the camera would take their photo.

Interested in a photo booth rental NYC?  As you research your many photo booth options, we invite you to consider our vintage photo booth for your next event.  It’s classy, yet fun – the original photo booth experience, with the highest-quality photos.