Where were you to start 2015? – In a photobooth

Posted 1/30/15 in: New Hampshire / Northern MA / Southern ME

One of the great joys of this business is that you get to meet many wonderful people. From my experience, my two favorite so far have been Kerry and Matt. I had the pleasure of bringing my classic vintage photo booth to their wedding in Boston, Mass on New Years Eve. In addition to the bride and groom being amazing, the food was delicious, the guests were fun and the venue was beautiful. Our photobooth fit right into the aesthetics. As with all weddings we do, everyone had a blast in our booth all night, but as New Years approached, one group was bound to remember where they were at as the clock struck twelve. What a great way to ring in a New Year and have the proof to remember just where you were. It might even start a new tradition. What moments to do you want to always remember, with the help of a photo booth, we’ll make sure to never forget.

photo booth picture at Midnight.
photo booth picture at Midnight.

Photo booth pic at Midnight
Original Photo booth picture at Midnight