Hiring a Wedding Photo Booth

Posted 5/11/15 in: New Jersey New York
Guests in the photo booth at a recent wedding in New York, NY
Guests in the photo booth at a recent wedding in New York, NY

Top three reasons to hire a wedding photo booth for your upcoming wedding:

1) Fun, fun, fun…in addition to the great music and dancing, a wedding photo booth is a unique way to add another dimension of fun to your event.  Your guests will love posing for photos in our vintage photo booth and signing your guest book with a copy of their printed out photo strips.  At a recent wedding in New York City, one of the guests remarked after signing the guest book, “What a perfect gift for the newlyweds!”

2) Wedding favor…we’re not just about having fun, but we also recognize the importance of operating within a budget.  We understand the challenges of coordinating a beautiful and personal event within an operating budget.  Rather than devoting additional funds to a wedding favor, the photo strips from our classic photo booth are a perfect take-home for your guests.

3) A blast from the past…there’s a reason the photo booth was such a hit when it initially arrived on the scene in the mid-20th century: the automated machine, the spontaneity of the photos, and the privacy of entering a photo booth to capture a special moment.  Not to mention, in this day an age, when most photos exist on a phone in a cloud somewhere, having a physical photo strip print out in 30 seconds is a real novelty again.

We love the vintage photo booth as a unique way to celebrate your special event!