Vintage Wedding with Our Classic Photo Booth

Posted 7/24/15 in: New Jersey New York

Love this guest table set-up from a recent vintage wedding at the Stone House in Stirling Ridge, New Jersey.  Check out the classic childhood polaroid shots hung on a clothesline.  Our vintage photo booth fit this wedding theme perfectly!  A number of guests commented how much they preferred our classic, enclosed photo booth versus the open-air photo booth lounge set-up.  I’ve found  that many clients are looking for a somewhat simple (and cheaper version) of a photo booth, something akin to an open photo booth with a backdrop and camera, or a set-up with curtains and PVC pipes.  When folks actually jump into our vintage photo booth, they are surprised by how fun it is to climb into an original enclosed photo booth!  After recently visiting a High School Prom and a Sweet Sixteen, I realize the next generation of social media saavy, teenagers, also love the simple experience of the traditional photo booth.  We love the vintage photo booth, we want to respect the history of this entertaining invention, and pass this experiencing on to the next generation!

Vintage Wedding guest table...beautiful set-up! Love the childhood polaroids hanging off the clothesline!
Vintage Wedding guest table…beautiful set-up! Love the childhood polaroids hanging off the clothesline!