Photographer’s Wedding Booths?

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Let’s face it, the PhotoBooth craze is on! Everyone loves gathering with friends and family to take goofy, sentimental and just all out crazy photos. So, many different wedding professionals are also creating their own booths, as an “add-on”.

We, at PhotoBooth Planet, have photo booth rentals as our specialty and as our only thing, so we know how to deliver the best possible experience, with our Classic Booths and our VW Photobuses (in New England).

If a photographer is offering a booth to bundle in to a photography package, the price may seem pleasing, but will it be for you and your guests once the great day of your wedding or event arrives?

A Photographer’s PhotoBooth (unlike ours)
Consider what the photographer is setting up for you…
  • Is it enclosed? When your guests close the curtain, that’s when they let loose and have fun.
  • Does the photographer’s booth print the photostrips on the spot and do they create a guest book for you? Your guests will want the immediate gratification, and you’ll want a copy of each in a custom guest book.
  • If they print out the strips, can you see samples so you know they are quality? I know of several photographers who mean well to set up booths, but the experience and quality just isn’t there because it’s just their “add-on”.
  • How will the “booth” look in the grand scheme of what you’re hoping for in your wedding? Will it look like a studio photoshoot (ie. tripod and backdrop with lights)? Imagine it in the big picture.
  • Does the photographer have someone giving full attention to the booth, in case anything goes wrong? You don’t want any downtime while people are “in the mood”.
  • Does your photographer have photos of their photobooth that you can see? It’s crucial to know exactly what you’re getting.
  • What will your guests experience and what will they say after the wedding about their time in the photobooth? This is the most important day for you and your family, and you want them to have great memories of it.
Just some things to ask and think about…

Jessie Ware’s Photobooth Video

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At Photobooth Planet, we always find that people experience emotional bonding moments in our booths, whether at weddings, parties or events. In this music video, Jessie Ware takes her song “You & I (Forever)” and uses a vintage photobooth to illustrate friends, lovers, family, etc. bonding together while taking timeless photos. Technology changes, yet relationships will be forever. Photo booths bring both together – and prints the moments on photostrips to cherish for many years to come.

Some responses to Jessie’s video on YouTube:

  • This is AMAZING! I’m crying!
  • Gorgeous video 🙂 Its about the one’s we love <3
  • I like this very much the song the music the video the old couple

What’s your response?

From blog post

“Here’s what Jessie’s label’s press release says: “In celebration of the themes of love and life-long companionship in the song, Jessie made an open invitation to family, friends and fans to feature in the video for the new single. People were asked to come down to the shoot in a photobooth, whether that was with friends, lovers, married couples, family, siblings – all were invited to be on film. The results are a touching montage of a moment captured in time to the backdrop of You & I (Forever)’s heartwarming message”. Aw! Very heart-warming indeed. The scenes with the huggable grandparents just broke my heart in pieces.”

The PhotoBooth Kid

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Check out this kid who took full advantage of our Classic Booth at a recent wedding.

Kids love photobooths and often are the ones who kick off the evening, flashing grins, grimaces, tongues, squints, props and crazy expressions. Soon, they start pulling the older generations into the booth, and then the adults take over – posing, cramming with friends, displaying facial contortions and laughing through the night. The inter-generational photos in the booth become treasures to keep for years to come. It doesn’t matter how old one is; all ages enjoy a good session in the photo booth!

Photobooth Planet is coming to Philly!

Posted 2/23/14 in: Philadelphia
Philadelphia Skyline
Photo by R’lyeh Imaging / CC BY

Photobooth Planet is known throughout New England as a great addition to any event.  Our unique silver, hard-sided photo booth complements any décor and guests love the experience from start to finish.  Now this premier service is available in the Philadelphia area!

Starting up in the spring of 2014 we will be available throughout the Delaware Valley including the Jersey Shore.  If you are planning an event be sure to explore our site and learn for yourself how a photo booth can make your affair unforgettable!   A great place to start would be our Eleven Photobooth Rental Tips article.  We are looking forward to a great time with you Philadelphia!