The Bellows Booth

Posted 1/15/19 in: Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island
Our¬†open-air photo booth¬†option: the “Bellows Booth”¬†is modeled after the old-fashioned cameras of yesteryear.¬† Hand-crafted from maple and cherry, the elegant design of the Bellows Booth will enhance the decor of your event and delight guests.¬† It truly is a work of art.
After posing for three photos in front of a back-drop of your choosing, two identical strips of high-quality, glossy photos (black and white or color, and customizable to include text) are printed out.¬† Guests take one as a favor and we keep the other for a “photo guest book” which is assembled on-site for you by our attendant.
This open air photo booth option is available in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Authentic, Nostalgic, Elegant – The Vintage Photo Booth

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Photo booth for rent in CT, RI, and MA

Last year, several of us from Photobooth Planet attended the world’s largest Photo Booth trade show in Vegas learning from other photo booth experts, industry leaders, and business owners.¬† We also walked through the exhibit floor, observing the wide variety of new camera technology and photo booth designs available for weddings, events, and corporate parties. Amidst the constant flood of new photo booth technology and innovations, it was easy to get caught up in the hype of new tools – robots and mirror booths are two examples. With the current pace of innovation, any seemingly great idea can be made obsolete in a couple years. So we asked ourselves: what made the original photo booth so popular on boardwalks, movie theaters, and five-and-dimes?¬†¬†While innovators constantly worked on refining and improving the photo booth itself, at some point, they all landed on the final design of an enclosed booth, a curtain, a simple camera, and excellent quality photo prints. As we receive many inquiries for different types of photo booths, our approach is pretty much the same. Keep it simple, and keep it timeless. Our vintage, classic photo booth has a minimalist design, classic construction, with excellent camera technology ideal for “attention-to-detail” weddings in Mystic (Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Jonthan Edwards Winery, The Mystic Seaport), Hartford (Bond Ballroom), Fairfield County, or anywhere else in Connecticut where people are getting married.¬† While innovation remains key for any business model, in this age of instant technology, finding an updated, yet vintage design can set your event apart.¬† We find that our photo booth bridges generational gaps, appealing to both the old-fashion, pre-internet generation and the tech-savvy generations as well. As you research your photo booth options, we highly recommend our classic photo booth – simple, elegant, timeless.

2017 Photo-Strip Hall of Fame

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Connecting in our vintage photo booth at a recent wedding at The Lighthouse in Manhattan

So ends another wedding season.¬† Grateful to have celebrated with so many brides, grooms, MOBs, FOGs, Aunties, flower girls, ring bearers, caterers, photographers, DJ’s and limo drivers in 2017.¬† Very soon we will comb through the wedding photo booth archives and select the very best photo-strips from this past season.¬† If you have one you’d like to submit, please email me at¬† If we select yours to include in the Top Ten, you will receive a free gift!

More to come, so stay tuned….

Photostrip Hall of Fame – #1

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Volkswagen VW Bus Photo booth rental for wedding in NY.

Such Passion! ¬†Chloe the VW PhotoBus made the trek out to New York for the wedding of Michelle Huston of Michelle Wade Photography. ¬†These two really “brought it!” ¬†Winners of 2015 Photo-strip Hall of Fame.

Photostrip Hall of Fame #2

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Photo booth rental for wedding on Connecticut shoreline.

A lovely bride and groom in classic photo booth poses.  They look so happy!  This wedding was held at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in Stonington CT, among the best wedding venues in the world.

Photostrip Hall of Fame – #3

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Photo booth rental for wedding in Litchfield, CT

Everyone can’t always make it out for the wedding reception. ¬†But with facetime and a little ingenuity, everyone can virtually attend. ¬†This clever gent brought his significant other into the photo booth with him so the photo guestbook would be complete. ¬†Clever man. ¬†Great photo-strip!

Photo-strip Hall of Fame #4

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VW Bus Photo Booth rental for Wedding in Hamptons, Montauk, NY

Love the range of emotion in this photo-strip.  Not to mention the creative facial hair prop.  Chloe the VW Photo Bus made the trek out to Montauk, NY for this sea-side wedding.

Best Photo booth Pics 2015 – #5

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Photo booth rental for Newport, RI wedding
Photo booth rental for Newport, RI wedding

A+ for tuxes. ¬†A for handsomeness. ¬†A- for mugging at the camera. ¬†Overall solid “A” work here from these two gentlemen. ¬†I might also point out the lovely, hydrangea blue curtain Polina and Jay chose for the ¬†photo booth rental at their wedding in Newport RI. ¬† In addition to Burgundy (our most popular curtain color), we also have pink, purple, and damask (not available in all states).

Best Photo-Strips of 2015 – #6

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Photo booth rental for Hartford CT wedding
Photo booth rental for Block Island, RI birthday party

This crowd knew how to party. ¬†Emphasis here on¬†crowd.¬† Many people assume we can only fit two or three folks into a Photobooth Planet photo booth. ¬†Oh no. ¬†We have had 8,9, and 10+ cram in there. ¬†Makes for a great photo and an authentic moment of “closeness” for the guests. ¬†Here, too, you can see the upside and downside of having a lot of props. ¬†Funny pic, but you can’t really tell who the people wearing props are. ¬†For a birthday party – sure…go nuts with the props. ¬†But for a wedding, minimal props is the way to go. ¬†Your guests are dressed to the nines already. ¬†And on your ten year anniversary when you pull out the photo guestbook we created for you at your wedding reception, you are going to want to see who was there – and what they actually looked like way back then. ¬†Anyway, enough about props. ¬†This post was intended to illustrate that we can fit a lot more people in our booths than you might at first think.

Best Photo Booth Pics 2015 – #7

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Photo booth rental for Newport RI wedding
Photo booth rental for Newport RI wedding

Gotta love the photo booth family portrait – ready-made for the Christmas Cards. ¬†The kid in front is rockin that stick-prop ‘stache hard! ¬† Capturing and creating memories at your event – all in a days work for Photobooth Planet.