Unparalleled Image Quality

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If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a million times – not all photo booths are created equal.  Not only does that apply to the aesthetic appeal of the booth itself, but to the quality of the images the booth produces.  Photobooth Planet photobooths produce images of unparalleled clarity.  This is a function of superior digital photo technology and flattering lighting inside the booth.  It is the first thing guests comment on when the first see their photo-strips: they can’t believe how clear the images are AND how good they look in them.  This is important.  You want your guests to be impressed and delighted with the quality of their pics.  They will hang them on the fridge or put them on their desk at work.  But just as important is the impact high quality images have on the photo guest book we create for you.  It’s a keepsake you will have forever and your friends will want to look at when they come over.  You should have the best images possible in what will surely be a treasured album of once-in-a-lifetime memories.