Chloe has a strong, new engine!

Posted 6/16/14 in: Connecticut Massachusetts Rhode Island VW Photobooth Bus


A huge thank you to the illustrious Billy Benz at Engines by Benz for the complete engine overhaul and upgrade.  Chloe, our 1967 VW PhotoBus, now has a brand new 1971 engine, which significantly increases her reliability and horsepower.  This forty-seven year old antique is now as reliable as any vehicle in the Photobooth Planet fleet.  So the answer is YES! Chloe, arrives at your wedding or event under her own power.  We drive her right up, open the doors, and voila! a show-stopping photo booth at your service.  Please consider renting Chloe the VW PhotoBus for your wedding in Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts.  Contact us today for availability and rates.


photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG