Your Creative Guests

Posted 4/21/15 in: New Hampshire / Northern MA / Southern ME


I love weddings, one of many reasons, the creative aspects. In a wedding the Bride and Groom have the ability to shows show their personalities, individually and as a couple by the dozens of choices they make regarding the ceremony and reception. How all those choices come together, from colors, lighting, venue, etc. says a great deal about the couple on their big day.

Now, what about the guests, the people celebrating with the couple? What allows them to express their creativity and make their mark. A PHOTOBOOTH! There is nothing at a wedding like a photo booth that allows guests to show who they are creatively while capturing memories for themselves and the couple. Whether it’s poses, props, or even just a genuine smile. Guests love photobooths because in the midst of a wedding full of creativity, they get to express their own. 3 Pictures at a time.