Photo booths…an essential or an add-on?

Posted 10/19/14 in: New Hampshire / Northern MA / Southern ME
Shannon and I at wedding in New Hampshire, that sadly didn't have a photobooth
Shannon and I at a wedding in New Hampshire, that sadly didn’t have a photobooth

My wife and I just got back from a friend’s wedding here in NH. It was a great night. The ceremony was touching, the reception was fun, the food was great and we danced for two hours till our feet hurt. (Confession: I LOVE TO DANCE.) And, WE LOVE WEDDINGS.  There were a lot of photos taken and hash tagged, but no photo booth.  Which led me to ask this question. Is a photo booth essential or an add-on? Now, I think photographers are great, and essential to document the night, but I’ve never seen one systematically capture everyone that attends. For everyone in attendance, I believe they are there for a reason, to help celebrate the love and commitment of the couple they care about. So, you want to make sure you are able to remember everyone that came that special day to celebrate the start of your new life together. In my mind, as I observed at this wedding in NH, nothing does this better than a photo booth. They get a photo strip to remember that great day they celebrated with you and you get a photo strip in your guest book to remember that great day you celebrated with them. My wife and I will be married ten years this spring and we remember the great time we had at our wedding reception in NH but despite all the pictures, we don’t remember who all came. I now wish we had a photo booth that night to remember all our wonderful friends and family that celebrated with us. Which answers the question in my mind, I think a photo booth is essential to be able to remember ALL the people who celebrated with you, even a decade later. Not to mention, to have a lot of fun.