Vintage Photos of New York in 1950’s Featuring a Photo Booth

Posted 12/26/15 in: New Jersey New York

Came across this cool vintage photo montage of New York City in the 1950’s by photographer Frank Larson.  While digging through his aunt’s attic, where Larson stowed away his images in 1964, the photographer’s grandson found this remarkable collection of street scenes that give a candid glimpse into the history of the big city.  Relatively new in the 1950’s, the photo booth had only started catching on.  A half century later, the classic photo booth is still widely popular in New York City for weddings and other high end events.

Check out the rest of these vintage photos of New York City here:

New York Street Scenes - the wildly popular vintage photo booth of the 1950s continues to be hit in New York City decades later
The wildly popular vintage photo booth of the 1950s captured by photographer Frank Larson in this photo montage, continues to be a hit decades later in New York City