Photo Booth Rental NYC – The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers, New York, NY

Posted 1/14/15 in: New Jersey New York
Guests sharing the love with the bride in our vintage photo booth at The Lighthouse in Chelsea Piers, New York, NY
Guests sharing the love with the bride in our vintage photo booth at The Lighthouse in Chelsea Piers, New York, NY

Photo Booth Rental NYC: one of our favorite events last year at The Lighthouse in Chelsea Piers in New York, NY.  This amazingly talented couple reached out to us looking for a vintage photo booth for their wedding.  With backgrounds in design and animation, these two had a keen eye for what they were looking for in a vintage photo booth.  Our vintage photo booth ended up being a perfect fit and we had a wonderful time at the event.  As you consider a photo booth rental NYC, we offer two tips:

1) Decide between modern photo booth options or the more classic, vintage photo booth.  With the use of technology, there are some pretty amazing modern photo booth options out there – from social media capability, green screen background, video booths, etc…I’ve connected with other photo booth companies and DJ’s to learn and see how new technology is changing the way we think of photo booths.  Then, there’s the classic photo booth with a simple button, three or four timed photos, and immediate prints housed in an actual hard-sided booth.  This is the more vintage, traditional photo booth experience.  The first step after you decide to rent a photo booth for your wedding is to discus these two options: modern photo booths or vintage photo booth.

2) Aesthetics of the venue.  Every venue communicates a certain theme.  I’ve spoken to many different wedding coordinators and that is one of their first questions for the bride and groom: what theme would you like to communicate to your guests?  The photo booth is one of many different themes at the event, but we are of the mindset that the photo booth should be simple, elegant, yet fun.  Also, if space is an issue, a photo booth rental that is compact.

Researching a photo booth rental NYC: we suggest starting out asking these two questions: what type of photo booth do we want for our event? & what is the aesthetic look of the venue?  We find as you narrow these two questions down, finding the right photo booth rental company is much easier.  Happy hunting!