VW Photo Bus Hired in Tarrytown, New York

Posted 3/01/18 in: New Jersey New York

A Photo Booth at the Tarrytown Music Hall

Bella, our Volkswagen Photo Bus at the Historic Tarrytown Music Hall for an annual fundraiser

Last fall, the Tarrytown Music Hall invited our Classic VW Bus to join their 1960’s-themed fundraiser. We were happy to learn more about this venue. Part of being a small business allows us to learn more about our community and support other local efforts in the Metro New York City area.  We are especially big supporters of all local artists, musicians, writers, and film makers.

A Historic Place in Tarrytown, NY

Built in 1885, the Tarrytown Music Hall holds an important place in American history.  Originally, the venue served as a place for wealthy families such as the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts to attend local events. Later on, this venue hosted some of the world’s most talented musicians.  Among the first artists to perform here, Antonin Dvorak and Hungarian pianist Rafael Jossefy. Later artists include Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, BB King, Wynton Marsalis, Norah Jones, and many other talented musicians.

Joining the efforts with our VW Photo Booth Bus

We parked our classic VW Bus in front of the Music Hall and invited the entire community of Tarrytown to take photos in the back seat.  This gave us a great opportunity to start conversation, and direct community members to learn more about the Music Hall.  A creative, fun-filled way to support local community organizations with our classic VW Photo Bus.

Continuing Support

To learn more about this historic venue, check out the http://tarrytownmusichall.org/history/ . If you would like to contribute to this historic venue and continue the legacy of arts and music in the Tarrytown and Hudson Valley area, follow this link to donate.